About Orantech

Orantech has an interesting history we feel is important to share. After working for some of the top medical manufacturing companies in China, six friends came together to start Orantech and follow their vision of creating a company that would transform the after-sales business of medical equipment.

After-sales of medical equipment has always had many problems. Consumable parts have always been difficult to source, expensive and with very slow delivery times. These consumables (because there are so many variations) are poorly documented and disorganized making the purchasing of wrong product common, leading to extra money and time wasted. The consequences of unusable equipment sitting around in a medical facility is costly and frustrating, not to mention the potentially dangerous effect it could have on the health of its patients.

Maintenance of the equipment is also challenging. In house engineers often have specialized knowledge about certain equipment, so maintenance of all products in house is rare. Such specialized technicians are hard to find, expensive and often already too busy. Shipping certain equipment to a maintenance company is unrealistic, so the cost of bringing in technicians on site is costly and often scheduled weeks if not months in advance. For equipment repair companies, spare parts have always been difficult to get ahold of often having to purchase non-working models just to get ahold of replacement parts.

For hospitals and larger facilities (with hundreds of pieces of medical equipment) keeping these important tools properly supplied and functioning is a purchasing nightmare.

This is what Orantech is trying to help solve.



We are proudly certified and meet all the international standards for manufacturing and quality assurance including TUV ISO 13485:2016. Quality control and assurance is very important for us as we understand a consistent top quality is essential to build the trust of our customers and to properly ensure the safety and proper care of health care patients. Our quality standards meet all those of the original equipment manufacturers and our manufacturing facility is FDA registered, has 510K clearance as well as all corresponding CE certificates.



Orantech’s management team are field leaders in technology, engineering, research and development, quality control and manufacturing practices for medical cables, sensors and parts. We are committed to maximizing the use of technology to help us provide the best products and services efficiently and at very competitive prices. We have developed more than 400 unique molds that combined cover over 90% of all existing Patient Monitor Accessories. We have developed a QR-code system to help manage the entire life-cycle of the product to make it easy for the customer to access all the information they need about their current product (including warranty) and make the process of replacing it simple when necessary. Our customer service team are experts on our products and are committed to helping you in any way they can.



Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered, has 510K clearance as well as all corresponding CE certificates. We are interested in learning about and being involved in the local registration and certification of our products so that they may be imported all over the world. If this is something you know about for your country and are interested in partnering with us on, please let us know.