Which medical equipment should use ETCO2?

A brief introduction to the scope of ETCO2
The main use of ETCO2 is in anesthesia machines and ventilators. These two medical devices are widely used in today's area. With the feedback of the ETC02 measurement, Doctors can easily and effectively understand patients’ condition in time, which is very helpful for the patients’ condition and recovery.

Firstly, ETCO2 can be used in anesthesia machines and ventilators to help doctors understand the actual situation of patients. Doctors can determine the patient's physical condition by observing the course of the curve during or after the surgery. Of course, it is also very common to use in patients with various types of respiratory insufficiency.

Secondly, the use of ETCO2 in cardiopulmonary resuscitation is very useful, which allowing doctors to understand the patients’ specific situation more intuitively. For those patients with severe shock, the trend of the graph is a concrete proof of the patient's situation at the time. ETCO2 is also useful for patients with heart failure or pulmonary infarction, it can promptly display the patient's carbon dioxide emissions.

The above is a brief introduction to some of the scopes of ETCO2 application. In general, it has a great role in the medical field, which can help doctors diagnose the specific situation of patients.

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